Our First Anniversary Trip

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A and I booked the flights for our first anniversary trip this week! There was a lot of debate around our vacation destination choice for this year. A really wanted to go back to Mexico but he prefers to avoid hurricane season which is still ongoing during our anniversary. We will probably go back next year when we are debt free to celebrate. So we ended up deciding on Portland, Oregon because I thought it was where the vineyard for Elouan wine is. As it would turn out, it’s bottled in Northern California so that will be a trip for a different year. My wine mom heart is not deterred though! There are still plenty of wineries to visit. After spending a few days in Portland, we are going to head north to Seattle. I’ve never been northwest so I’m looking forward to the trip. Here’s the current cost breakdown:

Hotel: This is sometimes a large expense for people. I have a hotel branded credit card that I earn 5 points per dollar spent at that hotel brand. Since I travel a lot for my job, we were able to cover the hotel completely in points! This is the second year that we’ve been able to do this.

Flights: $554 for two round trip tickets. We are flying into Portland on our anniversary and out of Seattle that Saturday.  I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on flights but we didn’t have enough airline points so we did a little research. As it happens, we will be flying out on American and flying back on Southwest since that is how it worked out to be the cheapest.

Rental car: Hopefully $150? We plan on renting a car for the week.  It cost less hotel points to stay in Issaquah which is about twenty minute outside of Seattle and there was no parking fee there so we will be driving back and forth to the city for that part of our trip.

Food: $600. I ended up grossly underestimating how much we would spend on food when we went on our honeymoon last year. Eating out for every meal gets very expensive very quickly.  $600 works out to be about $85 a day over seven days. We will see if this is a better estimate.

Fun: ??? Right now this budget is a wild card since we aren’t sure about everything we will be dong while we’re there.  I definitely want to a do a wine tour but when I looked at Trip Advisor the tours were $160 per person!! A thinks we could probably pay per vineyard for less.  We shall see.  We also might do a city tour if we find one that sounds interesting. We did one when we went to New Orleans and it was probably my favorite part of the trip.  I will probably do an update when we get back for a final total.

Total: $1,304+

One thought on “Our First Anniversary Trip

  1. Sounds like great planning is making a wonderful trip be a reality. Will be waiting to see how you work the “fun” part of your trip into part of your budget planning. I can always use some pointers.


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