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It’s finally October! I love October.  It’s the beginning to the holiday season. There are 53 days til Thanksgiving and 86 days until Christmas! My dad’s, husband’s and nephew’s birthday are all this month! My nephew is turning 21 so that’s exciting for him. Most importantly, October is my husband’s and my 6th year dating/1 year wedding anniversary! We got married the day after our 5th anniversary.  Which means we are also 14 days away from vacation! I’m so excited! Does anyone else love fall, aka summer 2, for those of us that live in Texas?

First I want to do a check in on my September budget. I only went over in two categories, groceries and shopping. I don’t separate out shampoo, body wash, laundry detergent or kitchen cleaners from my grocery budget and that pretty much sums up why I went over. I went over on shopping because I bought A’s birthday present. I had to order it earlier than expected so it fell in September’s budget instead of October which is okay. The most important thing that happened in September is that we paid off another one of our debts!! I’m so excited. Total amount of money towards debt in September was $5,185 which is insane. We now have just one consumer debt and the mortgage remaining!

This paycheck is the first one with my cost of living increase. It increased my salary by $80 after taxes. All money is good money! I’m still not 100% sure what our October spending will be. We booked a rental car at about $310 which is about $100 more than my guesstimate was so we’re already over budget in that regard. I have about $800 set aside for the trip for food/fun. I don’t really want to narrow it down and put a specific goal on food or fun. I guess the general goal is just to not go over $800 spent. We’ll see how that goes. Some of it will depend on whether or not the hotel has free breakfast and if it is any good! The hotels we stayed at for our honeymoon did not have a free breakfast so we ended up spending an extra $20/day.

In other things that are going on in October, I am going to take a practice version of my next work test at HQ on the 8th. It’s a pretty big deal. If I pass, I will schedule to take the real thing sometime in late November or December. The real test has about a 60% pass rate so it’s fairly intimidating. But this is kind of the make it or break it point for most people. If I can pass this test, I can probably pass the rest of it so keep your fingers crossed!

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