A Talk About Relationships

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Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

Today I’m going to stray away from financial things and talk about relationships. As an adult, I feel I have a different relationship with my parent than most people my age. I still talk to my mom every day. I talk to my dad most days. I would not be where I am without them. They paid for my first year of college and took out parent plus loans after that. They bought my first car… and second… and third. They let me stay on their medical and auto insurance well into my twenties. They paid for my cell phone bill until I was 22. If I called my parents right now and told them that I needed them, they would be here tonight, no questions asked. I am fortunate to have the parents that I do.

I’m also grateful for my in laws. Television would have you believe in laws are always monsters. My mother in law is a sweet, caring woman who makes an effort to be a part of our lives. I have a silly father in law, who also happens to be very handy, and is only a phone call away when I take a hammer to our bathroom. My siblings in law have also been great. Just a few days ago, I received a text from my sister in law because she saw a Facebook post I made, was concerned, and wanted to check in on me.

I have also been blessed with great friends. My high school best friends let me live with them after my house burned down.  Their moms basically adopted me, clothed me, and fed me for 6 months.  When I left for college, I signed up for recreational soccer and met a great group of people there. They didn’t know it, but I was having a hard time then. My parents and brother were going through some things, my boyfriend sucked, and I was so very home sick. My soccer friends quickly made me a part of their group and I wasn’t so homesick anymore.  Two years ago, while working out at the local rec center I met a friend that got me into soccer again. I feel confident that this person would help me anytime I needed him, and he also helped me meet a ton of people by being part of a team again.

When I was in high school I dated a person that was not great to/for me. He cheated on me and caused me to have a lot of insecurities that would affect my next relationship as well. However, at the time, I read and saw a lot of things that made me believe that if you argue all the time, it meant you really care for each other. It was hard, because it was supposed to be hard and that’s just how relationships were. And then I met A. It’s never been hard with A. We have similar senses of humor and life goals. We very rarely argue and when we do, he eventually realizes that I am right. 😉 A is my number one fan and biggest supporter. When I decided I wanted to buy a house, he was 100% on board. When I decided I wanted to renovate my closet, despite the fact that I’ve never wielded a power tool, he said ok. When I told him that I wanted to run a half marathon, he said I should and was there when I crossed the finish line. When I told him I was thinking about starting a blog, he said it was a great idea.  I feel like I can do anything because A supports me 100% and is my biggest cheerleader. He also let me adopt a ton of animals because he knows it makes my little heart happy. Part of the reason for writing this is because someone needs to know that it doesn’t have to be hard. There is someone out there that is your number one fan and you are worthy of that person. You are enough.

I have been so fortunate to meet so many great people. People who helped my heart after being broken. People who have lifted me up when I was down. My 1 am and I’m in trouble phone call people. Please know that you all are important to me, whether you realize it or not. ❤

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